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We are Oklahoma Born and Based small company, Have been Roofing Oklahoma 30 years now. So as you could Imagine we have seen just about everything, and Roofed it as well. Basically our Main goal and focus is providing Professional Exterior Services at a affordable price, As we do not work for or with Insurance Companies, We work for Customers with only They're best interest in mind. Fortunately enough I am an Expert in Insurance Negotiations, Not one to be toyed with as I have had a Aunt and Uncle were Adjusters and my Dad was a Farmers Agent 47 years. Allot of Homeowners are not aware that Insurance adjusters main goal is to pay out the least amount possible on claims, and what was considered conflict of Interest years ago and Illegal , Is now just common practice. Some Insurance Companies are using Roofing Contractors as Independent Adjusters.So if you don't have your own Roofer my suggestion is get one From Oklahoma. Because that is the first person you should call if and when you think you have Storm related damage. They will come out and do initial Inspection to verify damage , Making sure it is Extensive enough to file a claim, If you call Insurance Company first you will get a claim called a 0 claim that counts against you and raises your rates weather you have damage or not. I will tell you as well that if you don't have a Roofing Expert in your corner before hand 8 out of 10 times cause I have seen it over and over they will not give you a fair honest evaluation.

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Year Established 1991
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Penwright Roofing & Construction
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