Laminate Flooring Philadelphia 2018 Costs

  • Min Cost $6,246.00
  • Avg Cost $7,726.00
  • Max Cost $9,207.00

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Laminate Flooring Philadelphia Costs

Why do so many people want to install laminate flooring in Philadelphia in their houses? Laminate is a homeowner’s fairytale flooring surface. This is because other than looking great, laminate floors actually perform better than most surfaces in withstanding dents and scratches. In terms of appearance, you also get a good deal, given that they do look like hardwood floors, but come at a fraction of the cost. At first glance, anyone can assume that you have hardwood floors installed in the house, but you actually have laminate. Other than that, the flooring is also available in different styles like mahogany, bamboo, hickory, and oak. This gives you an incredible selection to suit whichever design you want to achieve in the house.

When you are planning to purchase cheap laminate flooring in Philadelphia, you must always start by looking at the cost. There are different sizes in the market which affect the cost of using laminate flooring. Typically, you can have laminate flooring in 4 different thicknesses; 7 millimeters, 8 millimeters, 10 millimeters, and 12 millimeters. There are some manufacturers who mention the thickness of the laminate floor having combined the core layer and the attached pad.

Having settled on laminate flooring in Philadelphia, assuming you are working with an estimate of around 120 square feet, you will spend $174 on laminate flooring materials. These come with a 30-year warranty, are 8 millimeters thick, and come with a protective finish. For this cost, you are also getting waste coverage, local delivery, and material for repair services. The cost of labor should come to around $459.

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FAQ for Laminate Flooring in Philadelphia

Are laminate floors in Philadelphia durable?

Laminate floors in Philadelphia are durable, and for a good reason. By design, Philadelphia laminate flooring is made of four different layers. Each of these layers has a unique role, eventually making it a very durable flooring surface. The wear layer has aluminum oxide, which helps resist normal wear and tear and scratches. It is also the layer that makes your floor surface easy to clean, and resists stains. The décor layer features a printed image which is supposed to imitate the type of wood you want the floor to look like. You can even have a stone or tile print. The core layer offers the dent resistance and provides the structure of the laminate floor. Compared to hardwood, laminate floors are more resistant to dents because of the core layer. The backer layer is the last one which offers enhanced stability and support.

What is the AC rating for my laminate wood flooring in Philadelphia?

In laminate wood flooring in Philadelphia, the AC rating is a guideline that represents the ability of the laminate floor surface to withstand pressure from wear and tear. It is rated on a scale of 1 – 5, and the higher the rating, the more durable your wood laminate flooring in Philadelphia will be. AC 1 is perfect for rooms that do not have a lot of traffic like the bedroom. AC 2 is ideal for rooms that have medium traffic. AC 3 is good for all rooms, irrespective of their traffic, especially the kitchen and the foyer. AC 4 is good for all rooms also, especially for commercial purposes. AC 5 is ideal for rooms that experience a lot of commercial traffic.

Why do I need an attached pad for laminate flooring in Philadelphia?

You do not really need to use an attached pad for laminate flooring in Philadelphia. However, having an attached pad will speed up the process of installation. You might also need 100 square feet rolls of underlayment to provide protection against moisture, improve imperfections of the subfloor, and to improve the sound suppression capacity of the laminate flooring.

Last updated: Sep 3, 2018