Patio Covers Holliston 2018 Costs

  • Min Cost $2,019.00
  • Avg Cost $2,371.00
  • Max Cost $2,724.00

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Patio Covers Holliston Costs

The outdoor living space is by all means just as important as the interior. Even though there are so many homeowners who don’t pay attention to the outdoors, it is often advisable to try and at least invest a little money in making the exterior living space comfortable. Take for example the patio. Everyone loves the patio. It is the place you gather as a family and laugh about everything and anything. If you just calculate the amount of time you spend on the patio you will realize that indeed it is a place that needs to be comfortable. Constructing a patio cover is the first step. The patio covers in Holliston are designed to add shade. They will keep off the scorching sun and the tormenting rain off your patio to ensure you have a great experience.

There are many different types of patio covers in Holliston that you can use. Each of these covers has its own merits though. To begin with, if you want you can go for wood based patio covers in Holliston. The wood covers are quite strong and they are very beautiful especially if they are installed correctly. However, wood covers will require a lot of maintenance. The second option is vinyl. Over the last few years vinyl Holliston patio covers have become quite popular and why not, they are cheaper and require very little maintenance. Even though the vinyl Holliston patio covers may not be as beautiful as wood, they are still good enough. Other Holliston patio covers to use may also include aluminum. While aluminum covers are strong and durable, they are relatively expensive. In addition to this, aluminum has very good heat retention capacity and in sunny hot days you may find your patio hotter than normal.

Let’s now break down the cost. The price of the Holliston patio cover will be determined by the type you have chosen. A wood Holliston patio cover which is very popular will cost somewhere between $45 and $68 per square foot. This does not include the installation fees. The installation fees will also be determined by a number of factors. The design of the cover and the size of the patio are some of the major ones. In any case, for installing a Holliston patio cover made of wood you will pay between $500 and $1000 in installation fees. The price for installing vinyl and aluminum patio covers will vary too so talk to a local Holliston patio cover installation professional and get the quote.

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FAQ for Patio Covers in Holliston

Why do I need a patio cover anyway?

The main aim is to protect the patio from the weather elements. If there is rain or snow falling you don’t want the furniture on your patio to be exposed to these elements. There are also times when the sun can be scorching hot. The patio cover in Holliston will protect you from all these things.

How long will the patio covers last?

The patio covers can last for quite some time. However, it depends on the materials you’ve used. Wooden patio covers may get damaged faster compared to vinyl and aluminum patio covers. What you need even for your wooden patio cover in Holliston is proper maintenance and it will last for quite some time.

How do I get a quality installation service?

Buying the right patio cover in Holliston is not enough, you still need proper installation services. Focus on installers who have done this numerous times before and have enough positive reviews from previous clients. The patio cover in Holliston is essential in making your patio more comfortable for everyone.

Last updated: Aug 20, 2018