Popcorn Ceiling Removal West Islip 2018 Costs

  • Min Cost $384.00
  • Avg Cost $584.00
  • Max Cost $785.00

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal West Islip Costs

Popcorn ceilings are commonly being removed in so many houses at the moment. The homeowner might be interested in a complete remodel, perhaps preparation before selling their house or you might just have purchased a new house but you do not like the ceiling. Popcorn ceiling removal in West Islip is a very straightforward project, but it becomes a significant problem in case you have asbestos in the ceiling. Before you consider hiring an expert or any other person for popcorn ceiling removal, you need to understand what it is, why you need to remove it, and whether or not your house is at risk given the presence of asbestos.

While a lot of people often think of the costs of West Islip popcorn ceiling removal, you also need to think about how to save on the cost of popcorn ceiling removal. Do not just jump into bed with the first contractor you come across. Consult a number of contractors. Get their ideas and perspective on how to go about the project then look at their prices.

One of the biggest concerns that most people have with their homes is the projected expenditure for West Islip popcorn ceiling removal. You can spend between $1 and $2 per square foot to remove popcorn ceiling, which loosely translates to around $1554 for the average homeowner. After the removal is done, you will definitely need the ceiling re-textured and then painted. These are additional costs that you must factor in. You can choose to save on costs by handling the painting on your own. Before your contractors arrive, remove the furniture. You can also test the ceiling for asbestos before they arrive, another way of reducing their work and your projected spending.

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FAQ for Popcorn Ceiling Removal in West Islip

What happens after popcorn ceiling removal in West Islip?

In order to make your home look awesome, popcorn ceiling removal in West Islip is just the first step, but not the last. There will be visible nails, stains and marks on the ceiling after the scrapping is done. A good way to go about this is to get your contractors to re-texture your ceiling. If they do this, you will end up with a flat and more modern surface. They will then prime the ceiling before applying paint in whichever color you desire, as long as it meets the d├ęcor and style of the room where the ceiling has been removed. These are procedures that are time consuming and will need a lot of investment in time and resources, but if they are carried out properly, you will have a modern and stylish ceiling once more.

How is West Islip popcorn ceiling removal done?

The process of West Islip popcorn ceiling removal is hugely affected or determined by whether or not asbestos is present. If you test and find traces or huge amounts of asbestos, get a professional to seal off your house and remove the textured asbestos surface from your ceiling. In case asbestos is not present, you can do this on your own, and even reduce the cost by nearly half what you would spend. Just make sure you know how to remove the ceiling on your own before you try this out.

How do I test for asbestos before popcorn ceiling removal in West Islip?

Given that asbestos is a major contributor to respiratory diseases and in some cases even cancer, it is wise to get a professional to handle the removal process on your behalf. To test for asbestos, spray some water on a part of the ceiling that you intend to remove. Take a sample and then send it to a lab for testing. You will get feedback shortly after that, and decide on whether to get an expert for the job or not.

Last updated: Mar 17, 2018